Consider the Poor

Blessed is the one who considers the poor! (Psalm 41:1)

David understood that while a Christian's primary obligation is to love God and preach the Gospel, there was also a fundamental duty to materially help the disadvantaged and downtrodden whenever possible.

Consider the Poor

"We are determined that the poor of the world shall be fed, clothed, housed and be enabled to labor in freedom, peace, health and happiness together."

In late 1991, David wrote a letter entitled "Consider the Poor" in which he re-emphasized the Christian obligation to minister to the needy:

The Lord is saying, "Search out the needy, the lonely, the lost and the helpless and the homeless, the lowest of the low and those that nobody else wants--and give them Jesus!" This would also include ministering to such people as migrant workers, refugees, illegal aliens, minorities, unwed mothers, prostitutes, the neglected youth, drug addicts, the physically handicapped, and those in correctional institutions, prisons, orphanages, and old folks' homes! [1]

This initiative blossomed into what became referred to as "Consider the Poor" ministries in over 80 countries around the world. (For more information on mission works by members of the Family International to the underprivileged, please visit TFI's Worldwide Work).

  1. "Consider the Poor," published in 1991.