David Berg explains the Law of Love


The Ten Commandments were done away with by the law of Jesus Christ, the Law of Love. God now only has one law—the Law of Love—to love God with all your heart and your neighbor as yourself. He said, Jesus Himself said, the Son of God, “In this law" he said "dwelleth all the law and all the prophets.” All fulfilled in this one law. [See Matt. 22:34-40.] Just this one law of love fulfills all ten and all the rest put together. So we don’t need them anymore. We’re no longer under the laws of Moses, we’re no longer under the Ten Commandments, we’re no longer under all that religious folderol and rigmarole, and form, and ceremony, and temple-worship.

All you have to have to worship God today is your own heart. And you can carry this temple, which is the temple of His Holy Spirit, God’s Word says so. This is the temple of His Holy Spirit today and this is where you must worship Him, within the temple “Holy Heart”, in the temple of your heart, into which Jesus said, “I will come in if you’ll just open the door. Open the door of your heart, make your body My temple and I’ll come in.”

This is the temple of God today and this is where He dwells today and His only law is love—for Jesus. To love the Lord with all thy heart and thy neighbor as thyself, that is the only religion that counts, is to have the love of God in your heart.