The Holy Bible is the best selling book that has outsold any other book.


So if you want to read an exciting book, just try reading the Bible. You’ve read all these other bestsellers, well the Bible has outsold every book that was ever written. And is still the world’s bestseller, it still sells more copies ever year than any other book in the world. They don’t tell you that do they? They don’t put that at the top of the list of the “Top 20 bestsellers” in the newspaper. They don’t dare acknowledge that, that the Bible, in spite of all man’s writings and man’s foolishness and his fiction and his ridiculous interpretation of history and reality, that the Bible still outsells them all. They don’t tell you that, they don’t want you to know that, it’s all foolish by comparison with God and His word.

And you never read a fairytale, nor a myth, nor a legend any more thrilling and exciting than the true word of God. Hallelujah? Thank you Jesus? Amen? Well it’s true! It’s all here!